36 years ago, I had achieved some level of success…

I had built a thriving health center that helped many thousands of patients. BUT I was struggling and frustrated… 

Over the next nine years, all HELL broke loose.

To cut my long story short… It started with an accusation from an insurance company. This led to a three-year legal battle and included the possible threat of jail time.

Financial difficulty… the LEGAL NIGHTMARE…and my Dad dying of brain cancer, caused so much stress that I finally broke — mentally, physically and spiritually.

I was diagnosed with “Thoracic Outlet Syndrome” and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands (losing the full use of my hands…PLUS… Each morning, climbing out of bed, my feet hurt so much, it was like walking on broken glass) — Conventional therapy FAILED ME.  Life disintegrated around me. I began sliding into a depression.  

Unable to practice, my Clinic was shut down. Spiraling into survival mode… I tumbled from one bad decision to another.

Desperate for answers… I dove into flushing out earlier research into holistic approaches to healing. (Made along with a former mentor…about how everything in creation interconnects.) 

The more I immersed myself in this… I began experimenting with ways to climb out of this pit of desperation.

However, while those previous events were DEVASTATING

… they were NOTHING compared to the destructive iceberg about to rip through what was left of my life.

For the next seven years, I became the primary caretaker for my ailing mother… a volatile marriage degenerated into a nasty divorce which led to personal financial Armageddon… the economic downturn wiped out what was left in my real estate investments… And then…to cap it off… my daughter attempted suicide and was found ONLY 10 minutes from death.

No matter what I did, prayer…hypnosis…listening to the personal development mindset “Gurus”… nothing seemed to break the constant cycle of desperation. Frustration, anxiety and self-sabotage that kept returning…year after year.

The ONE saving grace? Information continued to magically “show up” …  just at the right time

I discovered the precise predictable cycles that occur naturally everywhere you look. AND self-sabotage was an integral part of it… slowly I learned what I MUST do to break out of my destructive “habit-loops”. 

And it was ‘thanks to’ those 30 years of heartache and darkness (years of pain I wouldn’t wish on my WORST ENEMY) — that I made the jaw dropping discovery— we are all born with a sabotage switch, AND at birth it’s in the ON POSITION.

This is why some of us struggle so much with not reaching our goals and dreams….we “soldier on” …we cope… living with frustration, stress, crippling anxiety, sleepless nights and sometimes even depression.

It’s why you’ve not yet achieved your dreams. 

And the best news yet was… self-sabotage has an antidote! 

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