Dr. Agrios Consulting Success Stories

Franklin Cruz

CEO AND Founder of TrueInvestors

“I started at this desk and in 2 months, I 10x my business!”


Founder of Authority Fusion, Author, Speaker

“I’ve been exposed to over 50 business coaches and consultants and when I say Dr. Agrios is “one of a kind” you can rest assured, nobody has what he does.”


Certified Executive and Personal Development Coach and Author

“As a coach, you can be too close to your challenges, and you need an expert like Dr. Phil Agrios to give you a broader look.”


CEO of Better3 and Founder of PappyClub

“On our first call, Dr. Phil was able to deliver a mind blow that has helped me with my business and personal life that will be everlasting.””


Founder of “Modern Wealth Building Formula” and International Best Seller

“He stands among the greats and has touched my life and business forever. I can’t say enough about what he has done for me”


Director of Operations of Ruffino’s Restaurant Baton Rouge, LA

“Doc’s workshop within a few hours caused our management team to work more efficiently and productively. On a personal note, his information has helped me with my three teenagers and husband. Amazing.”


Chiropractic Physician

“DR. Phil Agrios helped transform my business giving me more revenue and more free time”


Dr. Robert Balko
Doctor of Acupuncture

“My practice started to slow down and I didn’t know why. With the help of Phil, my practice grew and the results were remarkable. His work helped me in my personal life as well.”

Richard Herbold Dr. Agrios testimonial

Dr. Richard Herbold
Functional Medicine Practitioner

“After I learned my sabotaging trait and was able to switch it off very quickly with my One Sentence Solution, I went from a closing rate of less than 30% to 100% in less than a week. This allowed me to reach a 64.32% increase in my income in one month.  Then in the second month, I did my best month almost doubling my practice from the previous few months. I just started and I can’t wait for next month.”


Dr. Aristotelis Vlahos

“The Antidote gave me ways to make some crucial decisions in my life and in my practice which worked every time I followed it. When I didn’t, the same old patterns and results emerged. I was very skeptical at first but when I went through the program, it made it very clear to me what I was doing in my past that caused me to end up in those situations.  Then I discovered my solution but it was just one simple thing to do. I didn’t believe it at first. So instead of brushing it off as “too simple,” I put it into action and there I saw the genius of Dr Agrios’ work. Simple is powerful!  I was amazed that the same solution for my personal life was the same for my business.  I have highly recommended this program to my patients who have seen significant changes as well.”

Janice Volk, P.T.
Physical Therapist

“Dr Agrios’ program and techniques presented me with an “AHA” moment.  In personal and business situations, learning to uncover my antidote for resolving conflicts produced immediate and optimal results.  It introduced me to a profound method of implementing new coping techniques. As a business owner, I was immediately able to successfully resolve both small and large problems, thanks to the program.  I have truly been transformed.  I encourage everyone to explore these techniques and this well-defined approach to Self-discovery.”

Michelle Patterson

Michelle Patterson
Transformation Coach – 

“A colleague of mine had suggested I give Phil a call to see how his Stress Antidote Methodology/‘Life’s One Law’, may assist me, so I jumped in boots and all from the other side of the world and contacted him. I loved working with Phil. He has a fantastic sense of humour, very approachable, knowledgeable and a clear communicator who walks his talk. His own pivotal life experience directed him in the work he now does with other business people to bring awareness and balance to their stress patterns, that are either known or hidden. With Phil’s guidance, my mindset and health improved greatly after recognizing the fears which had been impacting me and my business. After working with Phil it gave me the courage to focus on my coaching business again. I would wholeheartedly recommend Phil’s services to any other forward-thinking business person, no matter where you are in the world.”


Kristen Klingler
Process Development Engineer

“After discovering my stress antidote through Dr. Agrios’ program, I started to incorporate it into my daily life and found it started to work immediately. I tend to become overly emotional when faced with stress. By focusing on my antidote first, I found I was able to process previously stressful situations in a calmer and more constructive manner, especially at work!”

Tom Whalen Dr. Agrios testimonial

Thomas Whalen
VP of CMBS Trading

“Right away I noticed a change in how I handled stress at work and in my personal life. In addition, using the antidote helped me develop a clearer strategy at furthering my career which helped me get to where I am today. I can’t recommend the product highly enough to others faced with challenges in their own life.”

Rachel Cluna
CEO/Owner RAC Consulting

“I was very skeptical when Dr Agrios explained how quickly I could the find part of me that was blocking the growth of my already very successful business. Within a few minutes he found it and gave me the simple solution, what he calls the Antidote, that not only caused an explosion in my business but how it also affected my personal life.  Being a single mom with two small children has different challenges than my business. I was amazed how the Antidote, which helped my business, also caused my personal life to be calmer and much more manageable.

Victoria A. Armstrong
Mindtech Coach, Belfast, Scotland

“I was highly recommended Dr Agrios by a colleague and I can’t thank him enough for putting me in touch with him.  From the first consultation, Dr Agrios honed in with laser-like precision to one of my major blocks around money.  Within 30 minutes, I had a breakthrough in this area and I started to increase my income in the same week! By the following week, my income had increased once again.  For the first time in 10 years, I am excited about my business and my future! Thank you Dr Agrios!  I highly recommend Dr Agrios’ programs!”

C.J. Arditi
CEO/Owner RAC Consulting

“When I met Dr. Agrios a few years ago, my life was a complete mess. Everything around me was scattered because I was completely scattered in my head.  Dr Agrios’ course taught me how to identify what my triggers are so I can be aware of them as well as taught me what my antidote is so I can deal with the stresses in my life in a much-more productive way.  Now it’s 2 years later and my life is so much more put together because I use my antidote on a regular basis. I no longer feel out of control and have everything falling into place in my life, piece-by-piece.”

Jason Hoffman
Managing Partner of The Max Challenge

“Dr. Agrios’ unique approach and process helped me see where I was allowing stress to deplete my energy and gave me the tools to correct the imbalance. His approach is a fully integrated one in which the whole person (mind, body and spirit) is considered in order to accomplish maximum results.  The same protocol applied to my business has helped me maintain focus, energy and solid revenue throughout these 1st two quarters of 2017.”