36 years ago,

I was struggling and frustrated. I’d opened my own chiropractic practice. It quickly grew from one suite to the entire left side of a building, a 2700-square-foot clinic that housed medical doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists and other health professionals. It was a thriving health center that helped many thousands of patients. It had MY name on the door— “Agrios Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center”— I was still only in my late 30s back then. Yet, despite being the owner, my own clinic. It seemed like nothing would “click”. The next nine years…all hell broke loose. It started with an accusation from an insurance company which led to a three-year legal battle. The prospect of jail time, losing my chiropractic license and eye watering fines hung over me for three long years. Little by little, my Health Center had been slowly dismantled. I lost my dream. And it ruined the business financially. In the end, I was cleared of any wrongdoing without a blemish on my chiropractic license. By that time however, the stress had taken a serious toll on my health. During that time my father…a young 71-year-old who walked four miles a day… was diagnosed with brain cancer.

That someone so warm and giving to others…so full of life…could suddenly experience such a severe life-threatening disease sent me into a full tailspin. By the time he died just 7 months later, I felt lost and helpless. Surviving on a daily basis. Something major in my life had to change. I don’t know for certain how it happened. Maybe it was the shock and reality of my dad dying forced me to realize that my own survival depended on changing my problems into learning experiences. Then a frightening reflection occurred to me. one of the most jolting thoughts I’d ever experienced.Life…no matter how good or bad it was, could always be worse.

Financial difficulty, the legal battle, and my Dad dying, caused so much stress that I finally broke– mentally, physically and spiritually. I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome down both sides of my body causing weakness, numbness, and severe pain with limited use of my hands. Conventional therapy failed and I was told my only option was surgery, which did not have a high success rate. Inflammation raged through my body causing fatigue and pains. Each morning, climbing out of bed, my feet hurt so much it was like walking on broken glass. As my disability worsened… three doctors all told me I’d never practice again. As my life disintegrated around me, I began sliding down a greased mental chute into an abyss. Without realizing, I had slipped into a depression (only mentioned to me in passing by a psychologist one day.)

Unable to practice, my Health Center was shut down. “How could this happen?” I thought…” this practice was my baby”. I would never have the opportunity to treat patients again. It felt like one of my kids had died. I had never experienced this type of hopelessness before. As I walked through the parking lot for the very last time, it felt like I had lost the biggest game of my life. Fifteen years of practicing plus all the study down the tubes. I had no clue what my next move would be. Thrown into survival mode… I spiraled from one bad decision to another. Was the universe playing some kind of twisted game with me? I just turned 40. Reading and watching the biographies of other successful people who took devastating situations and used them to better their lives and others intrigued me. Was I at a similar fork in the road? Could it be there was a purpose to all this chaos and loss? So, I left no stone unturned…searching for answers…by meditating, listening to motivational speakers, and praying. I began journaling about my suffering. It helped with my sanity…but only a little while. Desperate for answers, I dove back into a much earlier discovery. (Made along with a former colleague…about how everything in nature is connected.)

I previously discovered a law which not only the entire universe follows, but human behavior as well. I immersed myself into flushing out this previous discovery regarding human behavior. The more I dove into this concept, the more I began to realize why and how my past decisions led me to present-day circumstances. Without them, I would have never discovered nor had the time to fully develop my hypothesis. I began experimenting with ways to climb out of the hole I still found myself in. By applying this discovery to my own situation, along with chiropractic care, specialized nutritional therapy and a specific exercise program, I was able to start healing myself and return to full fitness. I was even able to start practicing again. However, this time, I was not the same doctor, nor the same person. However, those previous events, while devastating…they were only the tip of a destructive iceberg about to rip my life to shreds. For the next seven years, I became the primary caretaker for my ailing mother who died of a chronic lung condition.

A volatile marriage degenerated into a nasty divorce that became financial Armageddon. To make matters worse… the economic downturn wiped out what was left in my real estate investments. And then, to cap it off… my daughter, attempted suicide and was found ONLY 10 minutes from death. I felt that no matter what I did, who I talked to, or how much I prayed, nothing seemed to help me get through those difficult times. I had many conversations with my Higher Power, including screaming in prayer and asking, “What is happening? How can I get through this?” I was listening to all the personal development and “mindset” Gurus back then, but I was always going back to the same kind of self-sabotage behavior, Year after year, no matter what I did, I kept finding myself back at square one…not realizing what was going on. Frustrated and angry, it forced me to go deeper and deeper into understanding why all these things were happening to my life.


Information continued to magically “show up” at just the right time. More realizations brought greater clarity. I dove into unified theory, quantum physics, the structure of the human body. Slowly I learned exactly what had to be done. And what I discovered amazed and startled me. It had been staring me in the face all along. And so far, much of it was overlooked by “traditional science”.


I discovered the precise predictable cycles that occur naturally everywhere you look. AND self-sabotage was an integral part of it.


The more I uncovered, the more I would ask my family, friends, and patients if they too were going through these same self-sabotaging experiences. When I found what worked for me, I would ask if I could try it on them. Could it be I was uncovering a simple coincidence…or… something more? It turns out, the antidote to self-sabotage is way simpler than we believe- WE make it complicated. Actually, nature has installed this as a secret subtle signal mechanism designed to help us grow and evolve.

Gradually, my personal life turned around. I started to work again and opened up my practice…specializing in treating chronically ill patients…guiding them to find the same clarity within their own illness and life’s challenges I did. By adding the new principles into the same method, I used to heal myself, recovery rates of my chronic patients began to skyrocket. Little by little, hundreds of healed patients turned once again into thousands. Moreover, it turned out the personal mentoring component of this treatment being the main reason for the high success rates.

It took another 10 years to refine. But what came next however, was TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. Those who were business owners, executives and sales professionals were having breakthroughs in their businesses. Totally by accident I had discovered that if you learn to read these “self-sabotage signals”, blocks dissolve, breakthroughs happen, and business begins to skyrocket. I told myself that it couldn’t be this simple, and I went out to try to disprove it.So, I began talking to everyone I could, to understand their situation. Family, patients, strangers. And working with 1000s of people from all walks of life and ages, I attempted TO DISPROVE IT. But I found I couldn’t. It worked 100% of the time. I was floored!

Soon, I doubled down on the research into applying these principles to business growth. Running “focus group” workshops with business owners and entrepreneurs, word-of-mouth spread, and I began to mentor professionals one-on-one world-wide. As I shared with them the underlying principles of self-sabotage and the antidote…they began to have breakthroughs in their businesses. Closing rates for people in sales began to soar. To my astonishment, there was a pattern that everything and everyone was following. By stumbling upon this pattern, I now found a way to guide others to find meaning in their life and how to change it. My mission is to spread this life changing release from self-sabotage to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide has only just begun. You don’t have to keep suffering like I did. I want to unleash personal and professional performance — to help you neutralize anxiety and stress…and help you get excited about your business and personal life once more. You can discover how to identify your self-sabotage trait and behavior (and with training and practice… to turn it off for good), positively transforming every single area of your business or career, and your life. It’s been tested in the field with over 21,547 clients and…for that reason…I can guarantee it or your money back!

to understand more how your Inborn Sabotaging Trait is stopping your success and how to switch off immediately.