“I increased my income by 76.32% within the first month using Dr Agrios’ 6-Step Blueprint to solve any problem. With it, I was able to understand where I was sabotaging myself and how to switch it off instantly.

I encourage you to allow him to teach it to you so you can increase your income, remove the blocks that you create for yourself and have peace of mind. It also works very well in your personal life. It is truly amazing!”

Thomas Madden, Esq.
Divorce Attorney


“After I learned my Sabotaging Trait, I could switch it off very quickly with my Antidote. I went from a closing rate of less than 30% to 100% in less than a week. This allowed me to reach a 64.32% increase in my income in one month.

Then in the second month, I did my best month almost doubling my practice from the previous few months. I just started and I can’t wait for next month”

Richard Herbold, DC, DABCN, CNN
Functional Medicine Practitioner


“A business heals as a person makes their own personal enhancements. Dr. Phil’s unique approach and process helped me see where I was allowing stress to deplete my energy and gave me the tools to correct the imbalance.

His approach is a fully integrated one in which the whole person (mind, body and spirit) is considered in order to accomplish maximum results.

The same protocol applied to my business has helped me maintain focus, energy and solid revenue throughout these 1st two quarters of 2017.

If you’ve been looking for something to help you take your life/business to the next level I strongly encourage you to give Dr. Agrios a shot.”

Jason Hoffman
Managing Partner and Chief Instructor of The Max Challenge

CJ Arditi Dr. Agrios Testimonial

“When I met Dr. Philip Agrios a few years ago, my life was a complete mess. I was about to get a divorce and I had absolutely no focus on anything in my life. Everything around me was scattered because I was completely scattered in my head.

Dr. Agrios’ course taught me how to identify what my triggers are so I can be aware of them as well as taught me what my Antidote is so I can deal with the stresses in my life in a much-more productive way.

Now it’s two years later and my life is so much more put together because I use my Antidote on a regular basis. I no longer feel out of control and have everything falling into place in my life, piece-by-piece. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Agrios to anyone that is looking to gain clarity in their life and business.

Thank you!”

CJ Arditi
Legal Shield National, Field Trainer

“I was very skeptical when Dr. Agrios explained how quickly I could the find part of me that was blocking the growth of my already very successful business.

Within a few minutes, he found it and gave me the simple solution, what he calls the Antidote, that not only caused an explosion in my business but also affected my personal life.

Being a single mother with two small children has different challenges than my business. I was amazed how the Antidote, which helped my business, also caused my personal life to be calmer and much more manageable.

Things have never been better and I continue to use the Antidote because it always works!”

Rachel Cluna
CEO/Owner RAC Consulting


“I met Dr. Agrios through a professional networking group. I have referred a few of my patients to his office and ultimately decided to become a patient myself as I was going through a health crisis.

His method of healing mind and body simultaneously works rather quickly as he guides you methodically through the simple steps of identifying the cause of the problem and then mapping the road to recovery and healing. During the process, I was amazed the Sabotaging Trait and Antidote for my health were also the same ones that were affecting my practice. I was able to overcome those road blocks in my practice with his method quickly and effectively.

It is quite an enlightening experience due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the program.”

Najwa Bahsoun Jaber, DDS


“The Antidote gave me ways to make some crucial decisions in my life and in my practice which worked every time I followed it. When I didn’t, the same old patterns and results emerged. I was very skeptical at first but when I went through the program, it made it very clear to me what I was doing in my past that caused me to end up in those situations.

Then I discovered my solution but it was just one simple thing to do. I didn’t believe it at first. So instead of brushing it off as ‘too simple,’ I put it into action and there I saw the genius of Dr Agrios’ work. Simple is powerful!

I was amazed that the same solution for my personal life was the same for my business. I have highly recommended this program to my patients who have seen significant changes as well.”

Aristotelis E. Vlahos, M.D.
Board Certified Cardiologist

Tom Whalen Dr. Agrios testimonial

“Using Dr. Agrios’ method to find my Antidote had an immediate impact on me. After finding my Sabotaging Trait through the simple introspection method Dr. Agrios lays out in the program, I found my Antidote and started to put it to work.

Right away I noticed a change in how I handled stress at work and in my personal life. In addition, using the antidote helped me develop a clearer strategy at furthering my career which helped me get to where I am today.

I can’t recommend the product highly enough to others faced with challenges in their own life. I will continue to use the Antidote throughout my personal life and in my career in any stressful situations that arise.”

Thomas Whalen
VP of Commercial Real Estate Bond Trading

Janice Volk Dr Agrios testimonial

“This program presented me with an “AHA” moment.

In personal and business situations, learning to uncover my antidote for resolving conflicts produced immediate and optimal results.

It introduced me to a profound method of implementing new coping techniques. As a business owner, I was immediately able to successfully resolve both small and large problems, thanks to the program.

I have truly been transformed.

I encourage everyone to explore these techniques and this well-defined approach to Self-discovery. “

Janice Volk, PT
Physical Therapist


“I was amazed how easy it was to know the exact part of me that was guiding me to make decisions in my life and in my business that were not in my best interest. Once I started to use my Antidote, it quickly started to work. I couldn’t believe not only how simple it was to use but the powerful results I was achieving.

Once this occurred, I was able to remove certain people from my life and in my business so I could grow and enjoy them.
Also, the cherry on top was when I discovered the Sabotaging Trait and Antidote for my practice. I could see that every time things were not working out, it was always due to this one thing.

Yes! It can be that simple!”

Kosta Linardakis, DC

Kriten Klinger Dr. Agrios testimonial

“After discovering my Stress Antidote through Dr. Agrios’ program, I started to incorporate it into my daily life and found it started to work immediately.

I tend to become overly emotional when faced with stress. By focusing on my Antidote first, I found I was able to process previously stressful situations in a calmer and more constructive manner. I noticed a significant improvement in my emotional state when under stress – even after just a few days!”

Kristen Klingler
Process Development Engineer


“Within minutes, I uncovered a block that held my business back for years from reaching its fullest potential. The moment I discovered it, I knew deep within it was right.

Since then, I am manifesting success where I had seemed to bear a standstill – thank you so much, Dr. Agrios!”

Mary Zennett, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist
Author, Health For US All: The Transformation of US Healthcare


“Dr. Agrios’ program enabled me to identify what was holding me back in life, so that I could direct my time and talent accordingly.

The Antidote was the main reason I found that part of me. It was very easy to access and allowed me to be able to take control of whatever stresses that came my way.

Regarding the adage of what luck is; when preparation meets opportunity, Dr. Agrios helped me prepare for the opportunities that were already there, in addition to many new ones.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to know their Sabotaging Trait that is holding them their business back and from living their life to the fullest.”

Harry Chambarry