You experienced amazing results with Transcendence 101: Sabotage to Success.

Now it’s time to dive deep into your business and career to start using Life’s One Law Principles to transcend them to the success you expect.

Scroll down now and look what you will learn and achieve in these next 5 weeks!

Starts: Tuesday, September 28th at 7:30 PM EST/4:30 AM PST.

This transformational program is for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Career path individuals who are tired, frustrated or stuck with lack of progress in their business and careers.

It kicks off with a welcome Zoom call on Tuesday, September 28th at 7:30 PM EST/4:30 AM PST. 

Each week, for twelve weeks, your investment will be 1 1/2 to 2 hours unveiling proprietary tools and methods that Dr. Agrios has developed himself that allowed businesses to breakthrough hidden barriers and stagnant careers to become exciting again.

Proven and refined in the field over the past 30 years, it’s changing the lives of people just like you for even greater success.

There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions during our live Q&A. For your convenience, all sessions will be recorded.

If these dates and times absolutely do not work for you, please email us at [email protected]. We will send you future dates.

GAIN ACCESS TO UNIQUE TOOLS to Rewire your Brain and Habits,
Neutralizing Self-Sabotage and Grow your Business 25%… 30%… 64.32%… 76.32%…or even 350%.



Whether you own a business or work for one, every company has a Personality Stress Sequence.

WHY? Because it’s an entity, a never-ending evolving creature created and run by creatures with Personality Stress Sequences. 

When Dr. Agrios first discovered this, it was out of desperation when his practice wasn’t thriving.

Once he discovered it, he realized his practice was stagnating because it was time for him to share this information with the world, not just with his patients.

This is when he made his move from Doctor to Business Consultant.

With this new information, he was able to show his business clients and their employees how they were subconsciously sabotaging the business and how to stop it immediately with phenomenal results.

Now it’s time for you to discover this same SECRET that has helped so many people thrive within their companies

UNCOVER THE TRUTH how you and your staff are subconsciously sabotaging your business.

Finally, understand how this is causing your business or the business you work for not to thrive — and how to simply stop it from crippling your future success. Or why it is thriving and how to keep it moving forward.

“My business increased 79.3% within a month once I was able to find its’ block.”

Thomas Madden, Esq.

Matrimonial Attorney

“I knew I had personal blocks but I never knew they extended into my business. Once I was able to uncover my practice’s Personality Stress Sequence, I never looked at it the same way again.

Once I understood the sequence and used my Antidote to balance it, my business increased 79.3% within a month.”





Each Saboteur has Two Based Fears that are the True reason Your Saboteur is born.

It’s time to go much deeper into why you Sabotage your business and career.

In TRANSCENDENCE 101: Sabotage to Success, you just touched the surface. Now fully understand why your fears exist.


Uncover the Two Specific Antidotes that neutralize these fears, so you can achieve your goals and have the Freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want.

YES! What you learned was your non-Specific Antidote. Now it’s time to learn the two Antidotes that create it.

DISCOVER how these fears are behind you…

  • Never closing that deal
  • Not finishing that task
  • Giving too much away
  • Not initiating the necessary action
  • And the list goes on.

END sleepless nights, indecision, and not knwoing how to express yourself caused by these fears…

…And once they are unmasked… now you are in CONTROL!



“I discovered my Inborn Sabotaging Trait and the results were very accurate…
…it was effective immediately”

Ken Van Liew

Founder of “Modern Wealth Building Formula” and International Best Seller

“Working in the past with the top gurus, I learned a lot, but never got down to the core of what was stopping me.

Once the two fears that caused all of my past failures and present blocks were revealed to me, something just clicked. Using the Specific Antidotes were a business and life changer that allowed me to move forward to the success that I could see and now I have achieved.”



What if you knew WHY people were REACTING in the way they do?

Would you be able to…

  • Handle conflict immediately?
  • Understand why a client is resisting a sale?
  • Motivate a low performing employee to a high-performer?
  • Improve relationships with loved ones, friends, your boss, co-workers, staff, vendors?

The Answer is an Absolute — YES!

It’s time to hone in your skills to determine anybody’s Inborn Sabotaging Trait and their Antidote.

You will be given specific ways to determine their behavior, so you can…

  • Create great relationships
  • Negotiate great deals
  • Get better promotions
  • Get along with even the most difficult people
  • Stop getting upset when a person reacts
  • And the list is never-ending.



“This has improved my leadership skills and has given me the necessary tools..”

Tora Matsuoka

Hospitality & Real Estate Investor

“Owning and managing multiple restaurants, hotel properties and other businesses, it was an eye-opener to understand how to decipher a person’s personality and know at that moment, how I could quickly handle conflicts, tough negotiations and staff issues with more confidence and accuracy.

This has improved my leadership skills greatly and has given me the necessary tools for more effective communication and much better outcomes.”



Increase your closing rates by 30%…50%…86.2% immediately! t

What would your income look like if you were able to increase your closing rates?

The main reason Dr. Agrios discovered why you don’t close… YOUR SABOTUER stops you!

Isn’t it time to cease and desist this behavior?

The ONE thing that never fails to kill profits is not knowing how to close effectively and spring you into action and avoid “self blocking”. (Video 2)Increase your 


Why does Nature bounce back after a major storm?

How can trees grow after a major forest fire…or flowers bloom after a tornado…how can Nature keep moving forward and create such beautiful things no matter what happens?

Dr. Agrios was able to discover a 6-STEP BLUEPRINT that Nature uses to do just that.

And WE have the same 6-Step Blueprint within us.

He will show you how to use this BLUEPRINT to increase your SALES.

With understanding how your Saboteur is stopping your sales, use this Blueprint along with your Specific Antidotes you will learn earlier, and see your profits EXPLODE!



“I went from less than a 30% closing rate to 100% within a week.”

Dr. Richard Herbold

Functional Medicine Practitioner

“After I learned my Inborn Sabotaging Trait and the 6-Step Blueprint, I went from a closing rate of less than 30% to 100% in less than a week.

This allowed me to reach a 64.32% increase in my income in one month.  Then in the second month, I did my best month almost doubling my practice from the previous few months.” 



UNCOVER how your potential client is resisting your pitch and how to help them see the benefit in your product and service.

DISCOVER what 99% of sales professionals DON’T DO before they even meet the client. Know this and your closing rates will DRAMICALLY increase.

How to MASTER your Antidote so you don’t “fall back” on OLD PATTERNS that will destroy your chance of closing the sale and helping more people. 

“…program is jaw-droppingly good…I’ve had incredible breakthroughs …”

Jennifer Horspool

Engagement PR & Marketing

“Dr. Philip Agrios’ program is jaw-droppingly good. At first, you’ll wonder how your problems seem so transparent; then you’ll find your groove, and as you begin to apply your Antidote to every area of your life and business, you’ll begin to see the power you’ve been giving away so freely. That power is your key to success.

I’ve had incredible breakthroughs in this program. I recommend it for – literally – everyone. Everyone who wants to understand their motivation for not getting things done in life. Everyone who wants to let go of the pain and frustration of life and attack it head on to do more and be more. It’s really fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that I aim to become an affiliate offering the program to my clients. It’s worth every bit of investment.”





By the time you get to Week 11, you would have been given a deeper understanding of the inner workings of your business or the company you work for — Now it’s time for you to…

  • Use the knowledge you have gained in this program along with the knowledge from TRANSCENDENCE 101: Sabotage to Success.
  • CONTINUE to solve one for your MAJOR CHALLENGES with the tools and methods learned in this program.
  • DECODE what specific actions brought you success before so that you can repeat it again. Which ones haven’t so you can stay away from them.
  • Achieve the future you want by unpicking past failures— it’s why you are not achieving the current ones, and if left unchecked, why that trend will continue.

Isn’t it time YOU put a stop, once and for all to a lifetime of regret? Bring your business and career back into BALANCE, and achieve your goals, from the small to the outrageous.

“We saw our profits soar within a year because we knew where to look.”

Megan Klock

Director of Operations of Ruffino’s Restaurant 

“We had a few major challenges within our restaurants. Understanding the businesses Personality Stress Sequence, the sequences of our staff and all the other tools and methods Dr. Agrios taught us, allowed our management team to hone in on the solutions necessary to ramp up employee performance and overall productivity of our organization.

With this new knowledge, we saw our profits soar within the the year because we knew where to look when challenges arose.”




By the time you get to Week 12, you would have been given a deeper understanding of the inner workings of your business, your career and your personal life as well as everyone around you.

  • Use the knowledge you have gained in this program along with the knowledge from TRANSCENDENCE 101: Sabotage to Success to create a winning plan for your future
  • CONTINUE to solve one for your MAJOR CHALLENGES with the tools and methods learned in this program.
  • DECODE what specific actions brought you success before so that you can repeat it again. Which ones haven’t so you can stay away from them.
  • Achieve the future you want by unpicking past failures— it’s why you are not achieving the current ones, and if left unchecked, why that trend will continue.
  • Put it all together. Move forward with using all the information you learned and construct a solid plan for maximum health, wealth and happiness.

Isn’t it time YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND the inner workings of your business and career, once and for all, to create even greater success? Bring your business and career back into BALANCE, and achieve your goals, from the small to the outrageous and have SOME FUN doing it!


Bring up to two staff members with you and give them access to this amazing program.

24’7 UNLIMITED Email Personal Support to keep you “On Track” throughout Your Journey.


THREE 30-MINUTE MENTORING SESSIONS Once Per Month to Keep You on Track.

Stat Tracker 2

STAT TRACKER – Track all of your sales, know how many prospects you need to call to reach your goals, automatically know your closing rates and your customer acquition cost , and so much more!
eBook ($27 value)

Organizational Chart

ORGANIZATIONAL CHART – Know everyone’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), manage by statistics, and know who is responsible for what and keep them accountable.

Antidote Meditation

DAILY 9-MINUTE ANTIDOTE MEDITATION – Spend only 9 minutes a day and subconsciously create new brain pathways to use your Antidote automatically.


This information is unique and you won't find it anywhere else in the world. It was developed and refined in the field over the past 30 years.

Let me show you how DEAD SERIOUS I am...


Once you’ve had a chance to download the bonuses, and attended the first two live calls and completed the exercise, if you’re not completely satisfied, we will cheerfully refund your full 100% investment and the bonuses will be yours to keep.

*** Guarantee validity is activated from week two after attending both live calls and having completed and submitted the quick exercises.

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This is their why - Supporting Our Veterans & their Families

The Veteran Connection (TVC) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individual veterans and their families. Our mission is to assure every Veteran who served and protected our country is provided resources for mental health, PTSD, and suicide prevention.

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