• How Jack Canfield, Bill Walsh, Steve Harrison and 21,547 Others Discovered How to End Self-Sabotage, Anxiety and Stress.
  • The Absolutely Fastest Way to INOCULATE against Self-Sabotaging BEFORE it starts…
  • PROVEN to work over 30 years with thousands of success stories — in fact never failed….and GUARANTEED to work—or your money back***.
  • PLUS….Resulting in ”Next Level” business growth of 25%… 30%… 68.2%… 76.32% … or even up to 350%


This LIFE CHANGING transformational program is for Business Owners, Executives and Entrepreneurs (and even employees) who are tired, frustrated or stuck with lack of progress in their business and careers.

We kickoff the program with a welcome Zoom call. You will meet the other participants and receive important information on how to get the most out of the course.

Each week, for five weeks, your investment will be 1 1/2 to 2 hours unveiling proprietary tools and methods.

Proven and refined in the field over the past 30 years, it’s changing the lives of people just like you for even greater success.

There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions during our live Q&A. For your convenience, all sessions will be recorded.

If these dates and times absolutely do not work for you, please email us at [email protected]. We will send you future dates.

GAIN ACCESS TO UNIQUE TOOLS to Rewire your Brain and Habits,
Neutralizing Self-Sabotage and Grow your Business 25%… 30%… 64.32%… 76.32%…or even 350%.


Your Inborn Sabotaging Trait:

The simple 9 question “Self-Assessment Quiz” that instantly reveals your Inner Sabotaging Trait, with pinpoint accuracy — In just 90 seconds you’ll discover your own self-sabotage profile. (Video 2)

Decode your own Inner Sabotaging Trait —Once I hand you this key, you’ll finally KNOW (without guessing) the truth behind what’s really holding you back! Become aware of THREE natural sources of self sabotage completely overlooked by 99% of personal development training.

Your Antidote:

Why “positive” Self Talk or affirmations fade over time — it’s because you’re saying the WRONG words. Use THESE “ANTIDOTE” WORDS instead and watch your performance SOAR. (WEEK 1)

DISCOVER the triggers that may cause you to sometimes be scattered, and the Antidote to “bring on” laser like focus instantly.

END sleepless nights caused by “constantly saying YES” …and being taken advantage of by others…just to feel valued — discover how to set HEALTHY BOUNDARIES so you can live with less anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

DEVELOP hyper-clarity in communication — the key to the confidence needed to express to others your thoughts and feelings and making the best use of ALL of your talents that are available — others will finally follow your lead and things will magically start to get done effortlessly.

Build a Plan:

Did you know that a recent survey revealed between 76%-88% of professionals and entrepreneurs procrastinated between 1-4 hours per day?

…. BANISH this “I’ll do it later” profit leak from your business by using the Antidote and linking Company goals to the Proprietary UNIQUE TOOLS in this course

ELIMINATE the “which priority comes next dilemma” — with this thorn in your side GONE, you’ll always know which part to start first — making anxiety and confusion a thing of the past.

FINE TUNE your focus to look at your business differently —Discover how to decode business problems by seeing their origin through a new lens — fix them “AT SOURCE”…

Better still…with constant use of these tools over time… you’ll be able to do this before self-sabotaging behavior occurs. — REWIRING your brain and habits, neutralizing self-sabotage and growing your business 25%… 30%… 64.32%… 76.32%…or even 350%.

This ONE step alone will shave weeks, months or even years off reaching your goals

“I discovered my Inborn Sabotaging Trait and the results were very accurate… …it was effective immediately”

Jack Canfield

Author of the Success Principles and Co-Author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling Chicken Soup of the Soul™ Series

“Dr Agrios’ work is both fascinating and brilliant. I discovered my Inborn Sabotaging Trait and the results were very accurate. When I began applying the antidote to my sabotaging trait, it was effective immediately. Understanding and utilizing the sabotaging trait and Antidote on a daily basis, allows your business and life to be simpler and more abundant.”

“He has an ability when he works with someone to know precisely what is holding them back…

Bill Walsh

Venture Capitalist/Business Coach

“In just ten minutes, Phil gave me the priceless insight as to how I could elevate my communication and effectiveness with my audience. I utilized the information he shared with me that day and ever since, it has been amazing how well it works.

He has an ability when he works with someone to know precisely what is holding them back and specifically how to help them transcend to become the best version of who they should become! He is a great guy and truly cares about his clients!”


Your Personality Stress Sequence:

Anxiety and stress is inked to the six leading causes of death – heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide — between 75% to 90% of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. But did you know… it’s possible to eliminate stress even if you’ve never been able to before? (Video 3)

How to turn around traumatically stressful events— (even if the ghosts of your past failures still haunt you) …make those memories work to your advantage NOW. (Video 4)

WHY – if specific beliefs and thoughts are not dealt with —- you’ll spend DECADES longer chasing your tail struggling with frustration, anxiety. (Video 5)

UNCOVER THE TRUTH around why you failed in your past — why it is still occurring— and how to simply stop it from crippling your future success.

“I was so impressed, I hired him to coach me personally and I was amazed with the results that followed.”

Steve Harrison

PR Consultant

“When you uncover your Personality Stress Sequence, you are awakened to a deep understanding of your behavior, as if you opened your eyes for the first time since birth. I was so impressed, I hired him to coach me personally and I was amazed with the results that followed.

If you want to achieve your most important goals personally and professionally, learn from him. He’s brilliant!”

“Everything…fell into place…the Antidote just changed everything …seeing phenomenal results.”

Jason Tino

Founder of Daily Dose of Tea

“Once I understood my Personality Stress Sequence, everything from my personal life to my business fell into place. I knew why everything occurred in my past, why it was still occurring and how it was going to give me the same results in my future. The Antidote just changed everything and I am seeing phenomenal results.”


The world’s two most powerful self-sabotage fighting strategies: PLUS the ONE sentence solution that will neutralize it QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY—

Your Reactor Sequence:

The “Reactor Sequence Method”. Discover the ONE specific subconscious word that is DERAILING your success— Use this method to stay “ON TRACK.” (Video 1)

Your Coping Method Sequence:

When things get stormy…the important thing is to just get through it. Right? WRONG! Your current default coping method is most likely REINFORCING your blocks and making things WORSE. Use this proprietary “COPING METHOD SEQUENCE” instead to unlock them. (Video 3)

Neutralize Self Sabotage Instantly:

When others challenge your newfound state of inner peace, you’ll know how to NEUTRALIZE “at source” the habit loop which sends you spiraling into self-sabotage …. ELIMINATE this quickly and easily when you focus on your Antidote and watch your bottom line SOAR. (Video 6)

“It unlocked the door of my mind why things didn’t work out in the past… …I needed this 40 years ago..”

John Rumfield

Founder of Law of Detraction

“I fully understand how my interaction caused a wedge between myself and everyone. This program, especially this week, woke me up like an erupting volcano on how I missed million dollar opportunities and lost precious relationships. It unlocked the door of my mind of why things didn’t work out in the past. I needed this 40 years ago and I encourage you to act now! Don’t wait any longer and miss out like I did.”

“Once I started to use my Antidote, it quickly started to work. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to use, and the powerful results I was achieving.”

Dr. Kosta Linardakis


“I was amazed how easily it was to know the exact part of me that was guiding me to make decisions in my life that were not in my best interest. Once I started to use my Antidote, it quickly started to work. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to use and the powerful results I was achieving.

After this revelation, I was able to remove certain people from my life, so I could grow and enjoy it.”


Your One Subconscious Word:

Your TWO coping “go to” methods that always kick in when you react and how to avoid them (Video2)

The ONE thing that never fails to kill procrastination and spring you into action and avoid “self blocking”. (Video 2)

When you’re busy and don’t have time to analyze things too much, yet you must stay on track- JUST DO THIS. The ONE stress Antidote you can use anytime (Video 5)

UNCOVER how your partners and colleagues need to hear feedback (HINT: it’s NOT how you THINK they need to hear it) — Discover the ONE ACTION that enables you to get them to follow YOUR lead. (Video 2)

The simple “Anxiety Balancing Trick” that stops worry in its tracks and balances out your brain chemicals. (Video 3)

How to MASTER your stress Antidote so you don’t “fall back” on your historical coping methods— reprogram your own mind through your own consistent actions (Video 6)

“When I discovered the one word…I felt empowered.”

Steve Sapato

CEO and Founder of SpeakerTalks.com

“When I discovered the one word that was a key to sabotaging my goals, I felt empowered because I was able to create a specific plan. This plan allowed me to start moving in the right direction and now some of the goals are being achieved.

I have always been scattered and unfocused and had a hard time getting back on track with my projects. Because of this course, I am organized, finishing my projects on time and taking on more because I am not overwhelmed. All because I now know this one subconscious word. 

“… it started to work immediately.”

Kristen Whalen

Process Development Engineer

“After discovering my subconscious word through Dr. Agrios’ program, I started to incorporate the specific exercise given to me to neutralize it. I worked immediately in my daily life and at work. 

I tend to become overly emotional when faced with stress. By focusing on this new technique, I found I was able to process previously stressful situations as well as new ones in a calmer and more constructive manner, especially at work!”


Take Your Transcendence into the Future:

The “Behavioral Domino Effect” —How to consciously trigger the ONE habit that HELPS YOU and builds you up rather than sabotage you pulling you down. (Video 1)

DECODE what specific actions brought you success before so that you can repeat it again. (it wasn’t a fluke—I guarantee it!) master this and you’ll OWN the keys to repeatable success. (Video 2)

How to achieve the future you want by unpicking past failures— it’s why you are not achieving the current ones, and if left unchecked, why that trend will continue. (Video 3)

…PLUS…the ONE thing if left unchecked STRIPS your business of its profits and growth. Turn this around and watch the profits roll in— people in sales positions have experienced closing rates climb to 83% or more…

How to Survive and Even Profit from boardroom or workplace shenanigans: You’ll spot these 6 “Surprise” behavioral traits of others a mile off— once I give you this formula, instead of being caught “off guard”, you’ll be able to turn these situations around to become your PERSONAL POWER PLAYS.

How anyone feeling like they’re “just another butt in a chair”, can proactively BREAKTHROUGH glass ceilings, and go after what they really want…without having to hunt for another job. Do THIS and it’s likely you’ll be headhunted from WITHIN your current company to do what you really want to do.

The BIG Secret about conflict — how it’s really about each person simply protecting themself, learn this one HACK to neutralize conflict at source, and skyrocket relationships and performance.

Isn’t it time YOU put a stop, once and for all to a lifetime of regret? Bring your life back into BALANCE, and achieve your goals, from the small to the outrageous.

“Able to Get Seven Clients…invited to present my business”

Gaby Abdelgadir

The Declutter Queen

“Within three days of understanding how I was subconsciously sabotaging my business, I was able to get seven potential clients through different 3 interviews where I was invited to present my business. This never happened before.”

“Your Antidote is unique in that it actually Works!!!

Dr. Liz Wenslauskas


“By following his program, one can learn what causes you to stress as a unique individual, and then recondition yourself to respond differently – in a favorable way.”

“By the end of the program, you will recondition how you react to stressful events. His program allowed me to truly accomplish my main goal which is to live in the moment stress free since this is all we can truly control and all that truly matters. It reminded me that where I am at this moment is exactly where I am supposed to be.”


Two Powerful Words that Neutralize Stress Immediately

The TWO WORD “Neutralisation Method” works every time with laser-precision. The simplest most effective way to create shifts immediately and melt away stress.

“…program is jaw-droppingly good…I’ve had incredible breakthroughs …”

Jennifer Horspool

Engagement PR & Marketing

“Dr. Philip Agrios’ program is jaw-droppingly good. At first, you’ll wonder how your problems seem so transparent; then you’ll find your groove, and as you begin to apply your Antidote to every area of your life and business, you’ll begin to see the power you’ve been giving away so freely. That power is your key to success.

I’ve had incredible breakthroughs in this program. I recommend it for – literally – everyone. Everyone who wants to understand their motivation for not getting things done in life. Everyone who wants to let go of the pain and frustration of life and attack it head on to do more and be more. It’s really fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that I aim to become an affiliate offering the program to my clients. It’s worth every bit of investment.”

You’re about to gain access to UNIQUE TOOLS that rewire your brain and habits, neutralising self-sabotage and growing your business 25%… 30%… 64.32%… 76.32%…or even 350%.

If you’re fed up with stress, crippling anxiety and
self-sabotage, this is PROVEN to work and results are guaranteed***



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