You are a Director Saboteur

Read on to discover what this means for you……and what you can do about it!

Dr. Philip Agrios

Bill Walsh

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“In just ten minutes, Phil gave me the priceless insight as to how I could elevate my communication and effectiveness with my audience. I utilized the information he shared with me that day and ever since, it has been amazing how well it works.

He has an ability when he works with someone to know precisely what is holding them back and specifically how to help them transcend to become the best version of who they should become! He is a great guy and truly cares about his clients!”

Jack Canfield

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“Dr. Agrios’ work is both fascinating and brilliant. I discovered my sabotaging trait and the results were very accurate. When I began applying the antidote to my sabotaging trait, it was effective immediately.

Understanding and utilizing the sabotaging trait antidote on a daily basis allows your business and life to be simpler and more abundant. If you want to achieve your most important goals personally, learn from him”

Do These Traits Sound Familiar To You?

33% of People Are Director Saboteurs
What a Director Saboteur does Subconsciously

If you find these statements are hitting close to home, don’t beat yourself up about it!

None Of This Is Your Fault...

We Can Help You Fix it.

What Does It MEAN To Be A Director Saboteur?

For most people it means that you tend to stay unfocused and scattered rather than following through on tasks and staying consistent with a plan. You subconsciously do most of the traits mentioned above as a protection mechanism.

If you find these statements are hitting close to home, don’t beat yourself up about it, it is perfectly normal!

This is just an imbalance that can be corrected once you have the ANTIDOTE and know how to use it.

So get ready because… You are about to discover something that will change everything!

This is the game changer you’ve been looking for.

You will soon be equipped to make powerful, lasting, positive shifts in your life

Here is Your Antidote

“Become Aware & Follow Through”

Now I know what you might be thinking. “Well, yes obviously” or “Yeah easier said than done” come to mind.

But hear me out.

You have already become aware that you are a Director Saboteur by taking the quiz and reading this page.

By becoming AWARE you are taking responsibility. You can’t just go through life wondering what’s wrong anymore. You now KNOW what’s wrong. This is a huge first step.

But, it’s one thing to be aware of your challenge. It’s quite another to actually DO something about it.

This is where FOLLOW THROUGH comes in, and it’s going to take a series of deliberate, purposeful ACTION steps to make this happen.

Let’s Have A Conversation and Dive Deeper into Your Antidote!

Bring one professional or personal challenge to this Free Strategy Call and we will show you how the Director Saboteur created it and how to create a powerful solution with your Antidote.


Your Saboteur Trait Is Just the Beginning

You Are More Complex Than Just One Trait

You actually have Two Other Traits besides your Director Saboteur, and once you know how to harness them you will start to see some major life changes take place. I am so confident, I stake my reputation and guarantee it!

Your Two Other Traits are called the Mediator Trait and the Dominant Trait.

1. Your Mediator Trait is the bridge between your Director Saboteur and Dominant Trait.

2. Your Dominant Trait is your “Superpower”. It’s your ‘Go To’ instinct, intended to get you through times of stress.

3. When your Director Saboteur is activated, and you move into SELF-SABOTAGE, the Mediator Trait kicks into high gear.

4. This flips the switch! Your Dominant Trait takes charge and there’s an imbalance, usually resulting in negative events and circumstances in your life.

Are you starting to see how this can mess things up for you?

Your Dominant Trait wants to be the hero. So it Overcompensates and goes into overdrive to save you (even if you didn’t need… or want to be saved).

Often, this causes more harm than good because the Dominant Trait doesn’t know its own strength and causes even more imbalance, reinforcing your self-sabotaging habits.

Again, this is not your fault. This is SO common among most adults.

It's Time To Stop The Vicious Cycle

How To FULLY Take Control Of Your Life… TODAY!

I’m going to show you how to effectively take control and BALANCE ALL THREE TRAITS, so you can soar to even greater heights. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Take a second to IMAGINE your future self….

How Much More Blessed Would Life Be For YOU And Those Close To You?

I have given you the basic overview on how to improve your entire life by understanding you are a Director Saboteur.

I have given you the antidote.

I have shown you that you have two other traits – Your Mediator Trait and your Dominant Trait

I have shown you how these help… and hinder you!

But, how do you truly make lasting changes in your life and use this new information to fullest effect? To try and do this on your own is almost impossible.

It has taken me 30 years of research, trial and error, soul-searching and speaking to tens of thousands of people to refine everything I have learned.

The knowledge, techniques and practices I share with you are… well it sounds cliche, life-changing.

It’s Time To Take The Next Step…

We Will Discuss This During Your Scheduled Consultation

I have shown you just the tip of the iceberg.

I don’t say this lightly that I have helped tens of thousands of clients turn their lives around and make lasting changes.

I stand by the power of my program and my reputation that has been built over 30 years and I offer a guarantee.

If you don’t transform your life – You don’t pay a penny!

I want you to be skeptical and make sure you can change your life in a truly profound way, as I have claimed.

I have helped so many to transform their lives, and this is why they recommend you arrange 15 minutes for us to chat and unlock your inner power today.

Why They Recommend A Free Consultation Call

Don’t Take My Word For It….

Doug Crowe
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Dasica Lilliette
CEO and Co-Founder of Dasica Lilliette Studios Production Company

"You will learn new ways of BEING that will blow your mind. You are gaining the best kept secret in human behavior. You will pinpoint how and why you and others respond and react in the way you do at a deep, deep level."

Lisa Manzo

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Kevin Park

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What We Will Discuss On Our FREE Antidote Call

Positive Impact On Your Life

How to quickly and easily take control of your environment and positively impact the people around you.

Using Your Antidote

How your Inborn Sabotaging Trait is working against you and how to immediately turn it off with your Antidote for repeatable success.

Personalized Action Plan

How to FOLLOW THROUGH by taking solid action steps so you can start seeing immediate changes for a more fulfilling business and personal life.

As you can see, the call you booked is very important, so we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

About Dr. Philip Agrios

Business Consultant – Best-selling Author – International Speaker

Philip C. Agrios, DC, DACBSP is a Business Breakthrough Specialist, best-selling author & international speaker. He has taught thousands of clients how to have more influence and freedom to achieve self-mastery in everything they do.

After several tragedies in his life, he discovered the Inborn Sabotaging Trait and Antidote . This allowed him to quickly and precisely pinpoint the blocks that surround people in their professional and personal life.

Dr. Agrios’ life experiences have prompted him to dedicate his life to teaching his discovery. He has written numerous books, created seminars, internet courses and numerous avenues so others may continue on their journey of life, while attaining optimal health, wealth and happiness.