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Most of the time when I'm going through a stressful situation...

dr. phil agrios personal and professional consultant - director supplier quiz

I don’t know how to handle it and do something more fun instead of seeking the knowledge to resolve the situation.

dr. phil agrios personal and professional consultant - supplier quiz

I have a hard time saying NO to others and find myself doing more than I should, without appreciation.

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I don’t express myself enough, so I listen and observe more while keeping to myself and not addressing the issue.

Business Coaching That Is Personalized Just For You

What is keeping you from achieving your deepest desires whether it is in your personal life or business? Simply put, it’s your INBORN SABOTAGING TRAIT and now you can STOP SABOTAGING YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS to finally get the results you deserve.

Learn a PREDICTABLE PROCESS you can follow to create the change you desire. Working together, we will devise a simple and executable framework for your needs and get your life and business back on track.

Meet Dr. Agrios

Philip C. Agrios, DC, DACBSP is a Personal & Business Consultant, as well as author & speaker, who teaches his clients how to stop sabotaging themselves and get out of their own way so they can have more freedom and everything they desire. His discovery of The 6 Step Problem-Solving Blueprint allows him to quickly and precisely pinpoint the blocks that surround people in their business and personal life.


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“Dr Agrios’ work is both fascinating and brilliant. I discovered my sabotaging trait and the results were very accurate. When I began applying the antidote to my sabotaging trait, it was effective immediately. His work contains a lot of wisdom. Understanding and utilizing the sabotaging trait and antidote on a daily basis allows your business and life to be simpler and more abundant.”

Jack Canfield – Co-Author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling Chicken Soup of the Soul Series

Dr. Agrios Coaching Success Stories

Tom Madden Testimonial for Dr. Agrios

Thomas Madden,
Esq. Divorce Attorney

“I increased my income by 76.32% within the first month using Dr Agrios’ 6-Step Blueprint. I was able to understand where I was sabotaging myself and how to switch it off instantly. I encourage you to allow him to teach it to you so you can increase your income, remove the blocks that you create for yourself and have peace of mind.”


Rachel Kluna,
CEO/Owner RAC Consulting

“I was very skeptical when Dr Agrios explained how quickly I could the find part of me that was blocking the growth of my already very successful business. I was amazed how the Antidote, which helped my business, also caused my personal life to be calmer and much more manageable.”


Kristen Klingler
Process Development Engineer

“After discovering my stress antidote through Dr. Agrios’ program, I started to incorporate it into my daily life and found it started to work immediately. I tend to become overly emotional when faced with stress. By focusing on my antidote first, I found I was able to process previously stressful situations in a calmer and more constructive manner, especially at work!”

Tom Whalen Dr. Agrios testimonial

Thomas Whalen
VP of CMBS Trading

“Right away I noticed a change in how I handled stress at work and in my personal life. In addition, using the antidote helped me develop a clearer strategy at furthering my career which helped me get to where I am today. I can’t recommend the product highly enough to others faced with challenges in their own life.”

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Find out what is blocking your success in under one minute.