You are a Director Saboteur

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How many of these traits sound familiar?

What Does It Mean To Be A Director Saboteur?

“I prefer to stay unfocused and scattered rather than following through on tasks and staying consistent with a plan.” 

What a Director Saboteur does Subconsciously:

    • Not follow through and complete tasks because you are indecisive and tend not to trust yourself
    • Don’t know what to do first when you have little to no knowledge about something
    • Find things that are more fun and easier to do rather than finishing your tasks 
    • Have a tendency to be unorganized, causing you to have a hard time staying on course and managing your time
    • Become complacent without chaos and not finish your tasks
    • Paradoxically, become laser focused and micromanage people, leading you to ignore other tasks that are equally important
    • Unsure how to manage priorities

Whether you are scattered or overly focused, this imbalance needs a solution.

In order to find balance, we have provided you below a solution called The Antidote. 

Your Antidote And How To Use It

Your Antidote is: Become AWARE and FOLLOW THROUGH

    • Your inborn protection to uncomfortable situations is to be unfocused and scattered. In order to switch off your Director Saboteur, you need to acknowledge and be consistent with your word and actions. You need to start being more aware and not so oblivious to the people and things around you.
    • Being aware pertains to having knowledge and understanding of your current situation. “Becoming aware” in this context is when you first realize that you have fallen into the trap of being scattered and unfocused.
    • Here’s a key. You can be 99% done with a project and move to something else before its completed because of three things — you don’t have the knowledge to finish, you don’t trust yourself that its good enough and/or you are bored with it  Using your Antidote will allow you to follow through and finish your projects.
    • Remember, chaos motivates you, so if you got everything done, where’s the motivation?  When you use your Antidote, you will find you are self-motivated and no longer need the chaos.
    • Paradoxically, you can also be very laser focused. You can lose track of time and ignore other tasks or people who are more important. You may work late into the night or spend hours on social media instead of spending time with your family.
    • Be aware that this is occurring and take the responsibility.  Become disciplined with getting your tasks completed, no matter what.
    • Follow through on what you need to do. If you don’t have the knowledge or understanding of what to do, go find it.  Ask questions. Do some research. Use a timer so an alarm goes off to break your focus, so you don’t fall into that trap again.
    • You will know exactly how to change your old behaviors when you become aware.  Then and only then will you stay focused, follow through and complete a project.
    • Using your Antidote allows you to feel empowered to tap into the trust and belief within yourself to accomplish any task.

    • After you realize the positive benefits, you will be able to implement this more consistently and effectively so your desires will be achieved. Practice your Antidote especially in difficult situations. 
    • I suggest start becoming aware and following through on tasks at least 10% or more in every situation for the next week. Write down your experiences and the consequence you had. You will see that most of your experiences will be more positive than not.

Becoming Aware and Following Through allows you to

      1. Remain focused.
      2. Find balance so you can take back control of your life.
      3. Be empowered by your ability to justify your decisions.

Uncovering Your Saboteur Is Just the Beginning

You actually have Two Other Traits besides your Director Saboteur – understanding them is where the real magic begins and what leads you to achieve even greater success!

Your Two Other Traits are called the Mediator Trait and the Dominant Trait.

The Mediator Trait is the bridge between your Director Saboteur and Dominant Trait.  

The Dominant Trait is your “SUPERPOWER.” It’s your ‘Go To’ instinct, intended to get you through times of stress. 





When your Director Saboteur is activated, and you move into SELF-SABOTAGE, the Mediator Trait kicks into high gear switching on your Dominant Trait causing an imbalance.










The Dominant Trait then OVERCOMPENSATES and goes into overdrive to save the day. Often, this causes more harm than good because the Dominant Trait doesn’t know its own strength and causes even more imbalance, reinforcing your self-sabotaging habits.

Depending on which Dominant Trait you have, it can cause you to…

    • Overly express yourself and take too much action


    • Become overly sensitive and self-absorbed in your mind

These are just a couple of ways your Dominant Trait tries to take back control during the self-sabotaging chaos induced by scatteredness and your inability to follow through, so you can complete your tasks at that moment in time.

Isn’t it time for you to learn how to STOP it dead in its tracks in your business, career and life?

Of course, it is! GET BACK TO BALANCE…







Discover how to take the correct action when you are faced with ANY ADVERSITY! heights.


    • Have Clarity and Knowledge to move forward
    • Gather your thoughts to create an effective plan
    • Complete tasks to achieve even greater success in your business, career and life

It’s time for you to really learn how to balance expressing yourself so that you can achieve your simplest to your most outrageous goals.  Click on the button below now!

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