You are a Supplier Saboteur

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How many of these traits sound familiar?

What Does It Mean To Be A Supplier Saboteur?

“I prefer to overly supply others rather than taking care of my own wants and needs.”

What a Supplier Saboteur does Subconsciously:

    • Undervalue themselves while simultaneously overvaluing others
    • Feel overly sensitive, unworthy and undeserving
    • Excessively patient and tolerant with people
    • Cannot say no to others when they need help
    • Do what is necessary not to be perceived as selfish
    • Be afraid of rejection due to feeling unworthy
    • Refuse help with problems and challenges
    • Focuses on other’s feelings first

Giving too much and taking too little is imbalanced, and imbalance needs a solution.

In order to find balance, we have provided you below a solution called The Antidote. 

Your Antidote And How To Use It

Your Antidote is: VALUE Yourself and Others

    • Your inborn protection to uncomfortable situations is to focus on the other person’s feelings and not your own. In order to switch off your Supplier Saboteur, you need to start valuing yourself more and not focus so much on other people and things. You need to find the balance between give and take.
    • Using your Antidote allows you to feel worthy of supplying yourself and others. You will stop accepting abuse because you will stop your own self-abuse. Once you experience self-love, you will no longer be tolerant of negative treatment.
    • Start saying no to others if you truly do not want to do something. If you need help, start asking!
    • Allowing others to help you or releasing those who devalue you gives you permission to enjoy better love, better relationships, and a better life.
    • This allows you to self-nourish and not confuse it with selfishness. Selfishness and self-nourishment are not the same. Self-nourishment is essential to a healthy business and life.
    • After you realize the positive benefits, you will be able to implement this more effectively so your desires will be supplied to you. Practice your Antidote in particularly difficult situations.
    • I suggest to start valuing yourself at least 10% or more in every situation for the next week. Write down your experiences and the consequence you had. You will see that most of your experiences will be more positive than not.

Valuing yourself and others allows you to

      1. Find balance, so you can accept and allow the worth you deserve in your business and life.
      2. Remain patient and tolerant.
      3. Be empowered by your ability to value without feeling the need to constantly overly supply others.

How The Other Two Traits Effect You

We’ve talked about my Supplier Saboteur and it’s antidote, but what about the other two traits? 


Obstructs my leadership skills, decisiveness, and my ability to stay focused and on track.



Inhibits my ability to express; discourages me from confronting & taking action.


Blocks my ability to self-nourish; leads to being under appreciated, resentful and depleted.


Take the first step to effectively understanding your SUPPLIER SABOTEUR and its ANTIDOTE.

Quickly take control of your environment and positively influence and impact the people around you.

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