Please Read Before Taking the Quiz

In the short quiz below, please answer the following questions as if you are in an uncomfortable situation that you are unable to handle well.

If you have used therapists, coaches and/or self-help information, answer as if you are reacting with your old patterns, NOT the behavior you use to balance yourself.

Select “Very Often” if you use this the majority of times.

Select “Sometimes” if it happens occasionally.

Select “Rarely” if it happens once in a while.

If you are finding the question(s) a little challenging, this is normal. Do not overthink it and have fun.

Your results are private and shared with no one.

IMPORTANT: You may have a tie and need to retake the quiz over again. No worries. Try again and answer as if you are NOT handling uncomfortable situations well and you are NOT using techniques that you were taught to become balanced. You can also reference you childhood behaviors if this happens.