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There are many personality tests out there and you may have taken some of them. However, this one is different.

None of them give you one simple explanation of why you derail your efforts to fulfill your desires and dreams. In over three decades and working with thousands of people from all walks of life and ages, I was able to discover there is only one trait that’s been throwing you off course and it has been doing this since you were born. 

I call it – The Inborn Sabotaging Trait. Yes! Inborn. You were born with it and you can’t get rid of it. The good news is I will show you how to immediately switch it off whenever you want.

The reason I used the word ‘sabotage’ to define this trait is because its original meaning was used in social warfare in the late 1800’s in France. Overworked and frustrated factory workers ‘sabotaged’ the factory owners by slowing down their work and creating a Resistance leading to inefficiencies to improve their conditions. Similarly, I realized your Inborn Sabotaging Trait creates resistance not to punish you, but to shake things up to improve your life and business. When realized, it forces you to slow you down and find the real cause of your turmoil and allows you to change directions.

How Your Inborn Sabotaging Trait Benefits You

There are only THREE Inborn Sabotaging Traits and yours is there to actually benefit you.

Your Inborn Sabotaging Trait has always been affecting your life and career, NOT by undermining your success, but by PROTECTING you FROM success because achieving success is subconsciously more painful than what you are doing now. I have always been able to prove this to be true.

Here is a summary of all three traits. Even though you have the ability at times to use all of the behaviors, one of them is more hardwired in you than the other two.

The Three Inborn Sabotaging Traits are:


Obstructs your leadership skills, decisiveness, and your ability to stay focused and on track.


Blocks your ability to self-nourish; leads to being under appreciated, resentful and depleted.


Inhibits your ability to express; discourages you from confronting & taking action.


Determined Your Inborn Sabotaging Trait to Be:



The below explanation describes the behavior you use when you have fallen back into old patterns in order to protect yourself. Protecting yourself by overly supplying others is perceived to be less painful than GIVING and taking care of your own wants and needs.

You place different degrees of value on everything–whether a person, thing or event. You undervalue yourself when you overvalue others and vice versa. You typically are overly sensitive, unworthy and undeserving.

You are overly patient and tolerant with people to the point where others can take advantage of your kindness or treat you like a doormat. You take on too much because you cannot say no. You do not like selfish people, so you do anything you can not to be portrayed this way. Therefore, you can’t say no because that would mean you are placing more value on yourself than others. It is less painful to squash your desires than others.

Feeling unworthy causes you to be afraid of rejection. You may at times not allow others to help you because you perceive that’s a selfish act or because of the ridicule you may receive if you do.

Paradoxically, you may have been told you are self-absorbed, overly intolerant or impatient. You reject others before they reject you. When you do say no, others may guilt you into doing things anyway.

Whether you are overly giving or taking too much for yourself, this imbalance needs a solution.

In order to find balance, I have provided you below a solution called The Antidote. This immediately creates harmony between these two extremes.

To switch off your Supplier Saboteur which causes stress and imbalance in your career and life, you must use your Antidote. Please scroll down to find out how. 


Remember, the explanation above refers to when you are falling back into old patterns, NOT when things are going well. If you found yourself saying, “Well, I used to do that” or “Some of it sounds like me but I don’t do all of it”, then review the following:

  • You may have had therapy or some form of self-help to lessen your Sabotaging behavior. But I promise you, you are still do it when you are not handling unconformable situations well.
  • All the words you are reading are synonymous. I present all of these options because certain words may resonate with you more than others, depending on the situation.
  • You may be using some behaviors in your career and not in your personal life, or vice versa. Look at these behaviors in all aspects of your current and past situations.
  • If it still doesn’t resonate with you, retake the quiz. You may be looking at the wrong Inborn Sabotaging Trait.

Switch Off Your Inborn Sabotaging Trait Immediately by Using




Your ANTIDOTE is the exact OPPOSITE to your Inborn Sabotaging Trait. Therefore, when you use the Antidote, it’s impossible to sabotage yourself.

Your Antidote is: VALUE Yourself and Others

Your inborn protection to uncomfortable situations is to focus on the other person’s feelings and not your own. In order to switch off your Supplier Saboteur, you need to start valuing yourself more and not focus so much on other people and things. You need to find the balance between give and take.

Using your Antidote allows you to feel worthy of supplying yourself and others. You will stop accepting abuse because you will stop your own self-abuse. Once you experience self-love, you will no longer be tolerant of negative treatment.

Start saying no to others if you truly do not want to do something and if you need help, start asking.

Allowing others to help you or releasing those who devalue you gives you permission to enjoy better love, better relationships, and a better life.

This allows you to self-nourish and not confuse it with selfishness. Selfishness and Self-nourishment are not the same. Self-nourishment is essential to a healthy business and life.

After you realize the positive benefits, you will be able to implement this more effectively so your desires will be supplied to you. Practice your Antidote especially in difficult situations. 

I suggest start valuing yourself at least 10% or more in every situation for the next week. Write down your experiences and the consequence you had. You will see that most of your experiences will be more positive than not.

Valuing yourself and others allows you to 1) find balance, so you can accept and allow the worth you deserve in your career and life, 2) remain patient and tolerant, and 3) be empowered by your ability to value without feeling the need to constantly overly supply others.

​This is how the Supplier Saboteur finds balance.


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